Networking Rules 2!

Thinks not to do…

1. Give up

When you first start networking it is not always easy. The more you do it the better you get at it. So never, never, never give up!

2. Listen to negative people

I am not sure who said this quote but it is very important to remember, “ If you can’t CHANGE the people around you CHANGE the people YOU are around”

You will come across people who whinge and whine that networking does not work. Usually, they are people who are out for themselves, cannot serve others easily, and want instant results. Avoid them!

3. Make a BAD first impression

Ideally you try to avoid speaking about politics, sex, and religion especially when meeting people for the first time. You need to be yourself and when you are on your best behaviour not your worst. That means drinking responsibly at functions and looking after others who do not.

4. Pick your worst performing time

What I mean by that is to take into consideration when you perform best throughout the day. I am a morning person and I am extremely successful networking at breakfast meetings and lunches. After working at 10 to 12 hour day I struggle with evening networking events because I am tired and would prefer to lie in front of the TV watching DVDs. I still attend a large number of evening functions but I do not expect to be at my best and rather than doing a lot of talking I simply ask an open-ended question and listen.