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Business Accelerator Programs

Why Business Accelerators?

Most business owners have been successful in the past, but get stuck in a rut working in the business, and not on it. Business Accelerators gives the opportunity to learn leading edge knowledge and skills, to instantly implement into your business, and start gaining solid results within 6 to 12 months after the completion of the program. So give yourself the edge over your competitors and come and accelerate  your business to success!

Regional Business Accelerator Program

The purpose of this program is to get you ‘unstuck’ from everyday business issues, and to teach you the skills to quickly propel yourself and your business, into a successful and sustainable future. This program is ideal for Retail, Hospitality, Micro, and Tourism type businesses.  So get on board the fast train to success opening your world to so many positive possibilities, which are only limited by your imagination!

Session 1: Program Overview, A Framework and potential objectives and results to become an Excellent Company, A higher purpose and what is your why?

Session 2: Powerful Social Media Strategies for Small Business – How to get your brand to explode across several media platforms, with a strong, authentic, and consistent message, on a shoe string budget?

Session 3: Customer Service Excellence: The six essential elements of customer service success and retaining customers. Developing practical and effective strategies for creating a customer focused lead company!

Session 4: Creative thinking: Creating a mindset of continuous improvement with a focus on increasing revenues and building a loyal client base via new products, selling and marketing models, utilising technology, disruptive concepts, and Blue Ocean opportunities.

Session 5: Group Coaching – The Business Canvas

Session 6: Individual Coaching – Initial one hour coaching with each Business Owner to establish requirements and set goals

Potential outcomes:

  • More new customers (New Business)
  • Increased revenues
  • Turning current clients into advocates
  • Creating a powerful company presence, online and offline
  • Introducing new effective concepts with very little investment
  • Reduce staff turnover
  • Create new jobs
  • Increased creative and innovative thinking
  • New markets and products

The package includes Group coaching and one on one coaching sessions.


“The Lithgow Business Accelerator program run recently by Council has been very informative. Steve Semmens, as the facilitator, really helped me to look at my business in a new light. Having the ability to have group discussions and then the one on one session with Steve at the end was extremely helpful in opening my eyes in what I could do to help my business and me to grow. Thank you to Lithgow Council for giving us the opportunity to meet Steve and learn from him. Anyone in business should consider attending any future programs that are offered.”

Jacqueline Mitchell – Lithgow Technology Services

“The Lithgow Business Accelerator program has really helped me to focus on the essential components of my business and to make sure that I really recognise what my customers need and want as well as taking care of the business housekeeping. I have been able to connect with other businesses and feel like I do belong to the local area and can make a valuable contribution. Good on you Lithgow Council for giving us this truly special opportunity to improve our businesses.”

Marjory Stuart-Smith – Springmead



…about Steve Semmens

Steve Semmens, The Persuader, is a successful and experienced Business Coach who covers the Central West region. He has spent the last decade teaching business owners and senior executives to embrace change and evolve their businesses incrementally, through innovative continuous improvement and adopting the latest technological advances, to increase their productivity and efficiency. Steve helps business owners implement strategies ensuring their organisations run leanly and agilely, minimising costs, and maximising opportunities that bring the most return.

Steve has a Bachelor of Business (Honours), is a Sessional Lecturer at Charles Sturt University, in the School of Management and Marketing, and is a Professional Member of Professional Speakers Australia. Steve is the Industry Advisor for Cenwest Innovate. He has a strong interest in the development and growth of entrepreneurial leaders, especially in regional areas.