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Persuaders Powerhouse

Generating referrals locally, nationally, and globally!

Having trouble finding new customers?

Are you seeking a powerful way to generate more quality sales leads for your business?

Word of mouth marketing is the most cost effective way to build a solid client base that will stay with you over the long term.
“One out of six referred prospects will buy from you and referred clients will stay with you four times longer. Referred clients are also 2.5 times more likely to refer you to their clients.” – Lindsay Adams – Referral Institute

The Persuaders Powerhouse is focused on generating qualified sales leads for its members.
We run weekly breakfast meetings that give you the opportunity to Network with 15-30 likeminded business people who will actively refer your business to their customers. This is like an extension of your sales force and this is our combined sales meeting.

Each Friday morning we:

1. Give and receive qualified referrals
2. Listen to a Guest Speaker on a relevant business topic or have training
3. Have a 10 minute Member Showcase
4. Network with members and discuss business challenges and solutions
5. Plan and develop joint ventures with members
6. Get motivated for the week to come

To achieve an optimum power network we accept membership applications from one business category only. For example, we have only one Business Coach and one Accountant.

Please call Steve Semmens – The Persuader on 0412 522 771 or via email steves@thepersuader.com.au
“When the going gets tough, the tough get Networking!”

Current Members:

Accounting                  David Weekes                Weekes Accounting & Advisory               https://weekesaccounting.com.au/

Bookkeeping                Val Hughes                     Panorama Bookkeeping                          https://panoramabookkeeping.com.au/

Legal Services               Simone Townsend         Kenny Spring Solicitors                            https://www.kennyspring.com.au/

Health & Weight loss      Suzie Winn                    suzActive                                                  https://suzactive.com.au/

Security Services            Hywel Blake               Bathurst Regional Security                       https://www.brsec.com.au/

Finance Broker                Ian Behan                      Moneyquest Bathurst                                https://www.moneyquest.com.au/franchise/bathurst/

Promotions                      Marie Rouland              Fifty8George                                               https://www.fifty8george.com.au/

Real Estate                     Stacey Whitaker           Bathurst Real Estate                               https://www.bathurstrealestate.com.au/

IT & TC Services            Scott Christie                Fenix IT                                                       https://www.fenixit.com.au/

Electrical Services          James Christie             Lectrix Group                                               https://lectrixgroup.com.au/

Chiropractor                   Dr Talissa Skelelton     Bathurst Chiropractic                                  https://bathurstchiropractic.com.au/

Commercial Finance      Glenn Pearson             Fifo Capital                                                  https://fifocapital.com.au/

Employment Services    Alicia Jeffree                 Sureway Employment & Training               https://www.sureway.com.au/

Printing Services            Chris Schembri              Inland Digital                                             http://inlanddigital.com.au/

Smoke Alarms                Clint Bryant                   CWSA                                                    https://centralwestsmokealarms.com.au/

Energy Worker              Tammie Bowden           Zenzali – Zenspired Soul Collective        https://zenzali-zenspired-soul-collective.business.site/

First Aid Training           Kylie Johnston              Industry Training and Assessment Services  https://www.industrytaas.com.au/

Security Infrastructure   Jordan Longmore        Exceltech Industrial Electrics                    https://www.exltec.com.au/

Blinds Installer                Wayne Cohen               Designing Blinds Bathurst                       https://designingwindows.luxaflex.com.au/

Business Coach              Steve Semmens           The Persuader                                           https://thepersuader.com.au/

Persuader Powerhouse Awards 2021

Best Referrer Award – Glenn Pearson

Best Attendee Award – Wayne Cohen, Ian Behan

Best Member Showcase Award – Kylie Johnston

Best 60 Sec Introduction Award – Alicia Jeffree

Shining Light Award – Emileah Cossu

Most Helpful Award – Angus Edwards, Scott Christie

Most One on Ones Award – Wayne Cohen

Networker of the Year – Wayne Cohen