The essential elements in creating high performance companies!

Over the next few months, we will discuss eight important elements, critical to creating and building awesome high performance companies, that are not only profitable, but also sustainable.

In my versatile career, during the 1980’s and 1990’s, I had the privilege to work for three exceptional organisations that I would consider to be high performance companies at that time. They are David Jones, NRMA, and Digital Equipment. The principles that these companies built their success upon are timeless, and though they are classified as large corporations, these practical concepts or building blocks can be applied to any size business.

Our mission is to build high performance companies focused on eight eternal building blocks, created one step at a time!

These building blocks are:

1.A compelling vision

2.A Higher Purpose

3.Strong ethics and values

4.Quality Products and Services

5.Empower and Invest in your people

6.Motivate the Individual

7.Love and care for your customers

8.Lead from the top, Lead from the bottom

Each element is intertwined with the most important ingredient in building business success, and that is people. Customers, Staff, Suppliers, and Shareholders.

Remember these numbers!

60            16           24

On average 60% of your staff are likely to be disengaged, showing up to work, doing only what they have to do to keep their jobs, and then they go home.

16% of your staff are likely to be actively disengaged, where they spend all of their time at work on their own projects, causing issues with other staff, and actively either openly or covertly sabotaging your company.

Only 24% of your staff will be actively engaged, happy at work, and working hard to achieve the organisational goals you have set.

Employers have to invest time and money to create a high performance environment, which will help move those disengaged staff into the actively engaged group. Those employees in the actively disengaged group are usually beyond saving and should be removed from the organisation as soon practically possible.

I will leave the last word to Mary Kay,

“We treat our people like royalty. If you honor and serve the people who work for you, they will honor and serve you.” — Mary Kay Ash,

Next month, we will discuss the importance of having a compelling vision and the need for it to be clearly communicated both internally and externally.

– Steve Semmens – The Persuader