How you can help Local Business…

Small business is the backbone of the Australian economy but when you drill down in to it they are even more important to their local communities because successful local businesses means a successful local economy. It means more jobs are created and there is more money to support local charities, schools, and sporting groups.

It means that as your children leave school they can get work locally instead of heading off to the bigger cities.

We encourage businesses in Bathurst to try out each other’s products and services, promote other businesses to their customers, and seek local businesses first when searching for new suppliers. Business is extremely rewarding when you build strong relationships with your suppliers and your customers. Customers these days usually only wish to deal with people they know and they trust.

So how can you and your family help this Christmas?

1. Try to find the goods and services you are after locally first.
2. If the cost is a little higher than what you can get online buy it anyway.
3. If the price is much higher than the local supplier go and negotiate a deal with the supplier and get a fair price.
4. Encourage local retailers to get themselves online so that you have that convenient option if you need it. (70% of retailers in Bathurst do not have a website)
5. “Like”, Facebook pages for any businesses you enjoy dealing with.
6. Connect with them on LinkedIn.
7. Join local groups on both LinkedIn and Facebook.
8. Give “Buy Local Gift” cards as presents this year! (An excellent initiative by Bathurst Regional Council)

Local businesses support you, so support your local businesses!

Steve Semmens – The Persuader