Dare to Dream!

As a child you have no fear and the world is a fascinating place to explore. Fantasy and imagination are encouraged and all things seemed possible.
You may wish to be a fireman or a policeman a superhero, a sporting hero, a wizard, a witch, a hobbitt or a rock star and you truly believe that is what you will be.
What did you want to be??? A Nurse a Doctor, a President, a hitman, a politician, a judge, or an actor.

“To be or not to be, that is the question!” and as a child you believe it to be!!!
Slowly, the rigours of everyday life start to creep in as certain trials and tribulations set us back one after the other. We start to question ourselves as to whether we can succeed. We lose confidence in our abilities and we gain fear. Much of our fear is unfounded but it occupies our thoughts like an invading army of darkness.

As a Teenager the anxiety, stress, and frustration of growing from a child to a man or a woman is intense. Many handle it on their own without support of family and friends. Life darkens and some do not make it! Dreams are twisted and distorted and we are often bashed into submission not to dream, not to achieve, not to be different, and not to use ones imagination. These dream smashers are often those closest to us, or sometimes society as a whole.

Moving into early adulthood we are steadily locked into slavery, conforming to the main stream. Dreams and Dreamers are not allowed! Those who dare to dream are severely punished!

Then a small spark of a bright cheery thought. It ignites into a flame and then into a fiery passion and a dreamer is reborn! The dreamer goes against the tide and fights the crowd. Adding others to their vision. Encouraging, excitement, imagination, happiness breathe ecstatic Life! Their struggle is often long and hard but sustainable by their everlasting belief that gets them through no matter how tough it gets.

My dream is to have the time to spend with my family, to travel, to write, to do an acting course and to lead others to their financial freedom. Who knows perhaps I will be a Super Hero after all!

So remember your dreams! Do not let them die! Protect yourself from the dream smashes Get your PHD in life!

People Have Dreams!

Dare to Dream!